Run on the power of the sun wherever you are

Off grid Solar Energy makes total sense. Harness the power of the sun with Illumina Africa’s advanced storage technology options coupled with solar pv panels, to maximise from solar available from the sun! Our advanced understanding of battery storage, access to the best Lithium Ion technology currently available and our precise solar system designs will make sure the solar energy system will benefit you for 25+ years. Never worry about diesel costs, the logistics of getting diesel, and the noise of a generator again! With a payback of 3-5 years off-grid solar is a no brainer.

Please download our Solar PV Guideline for some more information. Check out our blogs for even more detailed technical and other information.


We only require – Monthly bills (utility & generator)   –   Size of generators   –   Size of UPS/batteries – Area for solar installation   –   Detailed list of appliances and duration of usage daily (not necessary if data is logged)   –   Hours of storage back up needed – Any other customer specifications

We measure – Energy consumption using advanced equipment

We analyse – Your roof structure, your equipment/property setup, electrical configuration and any upgrades required.

We provide – System design – Aim to reduce LCOE (Levelised Cost Of Electricity). Customized proposal with various financing options – This service is free from Illumina Africa.

You enjoy & monitor – cleaner, more affordable energy.


Will going solar mean I do not have to use a generator ever again?

Solar Energy and storage systems will ensure you reduce your generator usage by 95%. Generators may be required very occasionally during excess power consumption or very terrible weather. Solar panels can harness the power from the sun when it is cloudy, meaning even on a cloudy rainy day you can expect your solar panels to generate more than 60% of its normal power generation.

I have many trees at my place, the cottages are located in middle of many trees, how can I go solar?

Illumina Africa carries out a detailed shading analysis using technology, from this we can know the true shading that will occur throughout the year at different locations on your property. Shading will create losses which means a system will have to be oversized. Locations can be improvised to harness the most sunlight and distances can be managed.

What kind of batteries would I require that will last me many years? and not go bad as it is very hot?

Lithium Ion batteries are the most advanced batteries available with the ability to fully discharge and charge for daily cycling. With a cycle life of 3000 to 5000 cycles this will last more than 10 years, compared to 3 years for many Lead Acid batteries. TESLA’s Lithium Ion powerwalls and powerpacks are built to withstand hot, dry and salty conditions with no requirement for them to be installed in a room either. TESLA and other Lithium Ion batteries are cheaper per kWh over the 25 year life cycle of solar panels, but cost about 2-3 times more initially. Illumina Africa work with the client to understand their budget when designing a battery storage system.

Customer Reviews

1 year after going solar at my home, I am happy to say I have reduced my electricty bill by 85%! and I have never used the generator since that day!

Ashok ShahDirector, Chui Springs Limited

Off-grid living is enjoyable, running all your requirements with solar power is amazing! Thanks to Illumina Africa for making sure the system performs as promised!

Tobias Samuels

Since the day I switched to solar, I have pumped water everyday and not paid a single shilling for KPLC or diesel to run my borehole pump! The solar works all day giving my farm continuous water supply for the crops, and excess water that we provide to the nearby communities.

Anoop SinghDirector, Akaal Produce Limited

Effecient and clean installation procedure from Illumina Africa, they make it easy to help you understand what system is required for your particular applications.

Rahil ShahDirector

Thank you for making my switch to solar water so easy! their dedicated team makes sure every problem is identified before starting the work.

Bhavanna Khanna

My experience so far has been very informative and enjoyable. The team focused on helping me understand the various system and financing options, as well as how I operate my plant now and what I plan in the future - this made it very clear for me and allowed me totally sure with going solar with them!

Sanket Shah

I am looking forward to running my house on solar with Illumina Africa! they give me great confidence!

Bill Rotich

For us, choosing Illumina was a no brainer. They exuded utter professionalism and quality with their products. The workmanship was thorough, prompt and efficient and they finished as per their promised timeline. We now have a fully functioning solar water heating system, and can enjoy hot water 24/7. Illumina are also available at all times incase of any queries we have, and their customer care is par excellence. Strongly recommended. Keep it up!

Akhshi And Bhawana KhannaCSI insurance

Solar Facts

Kenya, as per our conservative calculations would need just 120 square kilometers of solar panels and 0.53 square kilometers of energy storage, in order to full power the country (as per current generation and demand requirements). This is equivalent to less than 0.2% of the area of Turkana which is 68,680 square kilometers.

The sunlight we receive for just an hour is enough to generate energy for one year for the whole world.

When there’s a huge solar energy spill, it’s just called a ‘nice day

Unlike other energy sources, such as coal and oil whose reserves will diminish, the sun is here to stay and so is the energy we can gain from it.

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